World Vape Shop accuse the city government formally proposed administrative proceedings illegal abuse !!

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World Vape Shop since established two years, uphold the customer and responsible industry, adhere to the principle of four no's "do not sell parallel imports, not to sell off Long products, not sell mechanical lever, do not sell minors, no nicotine."

And in response to market demand, but also spawned a large number of unscrupulous operators who took the opportunity to profit from illegal, invisible damage Taiwan VAPE environment, from unknown sources, water / fakes flooding the market.
World Vape Shop at the same time as Taiwan VAPE industry effort, also destroy a group of people are invisible, so that the government, the media continues to be an opportunity VAPE related negative news reports, customs prevent smuggling nicotine electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette explosion, etc., mislead the public awareness of VAPE, which the Taiwan VAPE environment is absolutely irreparable harm.
World Vape Shop will continue through the legitimate process of law, fight for their rights and the right to operate legitimate businesses all VAPE regular users, this is the attitude of the industry VIP Ward, the creators of respect, it is responsible for the customer .